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Since 2008 we have awarded the top chocolate makers and confectioners from around the world with top honors for their work.


One of the longest running award programs in the world for artisan chocolate, we have a reputation for exacting standards, and today we are proud to continue the legacy and tradition of evaluating and awarding the top chocolate products from across the artisan sector of the industry. With up 1,000 product entries each year – we dedicate ourselves to finding the best chocolate handcrafted by artisans from more than 37 countries. The NW Chocolate & Chocolate Alliance Awards are coveted by professionals and are held in the highest esteem as a mark of quality.


The 2023-2024 award cycle is divided into two segments. The show participants (exhibitors) competition, and the open entry global competition. The Festival (show) competition is open to all exhibitors in the Northwest Chocolate Festival 2023. There are 100-companies from 34+countries exhibiting in the festival, this will truly be a global competition. The Open Entry for all artisan chocolate makers is scheduled for January 5th, 2024. The product submission window will be March 1-15, 2024.


Companies exhibiting in the NW Chocolate Festival have received instructions for product entry in the show awards.

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